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Excellent quality nursery care for children aged 3 months to 5 years

Day Nursery and Nursery Schools in Wimbledon, Chiswick and Kensington

Child Playing

At Playdays nurseries our aim is to help each child to reach the highest degree of independence and confidence, as well as to discover their own strengths academically and creatively, and to pave the way for them to go on and be happy and inquisitive at school.

Traditional Teaching Methods

Here at Playdays nurseries each individual child is cared for and taught in a traditional and homely manner, in a nursery environment that is both stimulating and fun. Playdays offers excellent quality daycare for children aged three months to five years from a variety of Nursery Nurses, Nursery Assistants and Montessori teachers.

Confidence Building

For the older children we introduce many subjects such as practical life, sensorial, language, maths, cultural subjects and general knowledge. More activities include French, swimming, computers, music and movement, art, craft, sand and water play, and not forgetting outdoor activities also our aim is to provide each child with the confidence to excel!

At Playdays nurseries we are dedicated in providing the finest quality of care, education and love for our children. Individual profiles are kept on your child, observing and noting their general development throughout their time at Playdays. A daily routine diary for every child under 2 years old is written for parents to take home at the end of the day enabling them to see what the activities of the nursery were, and how their child is generally progressing. For parents of children over 2 years old, there are twice yearly parents evenings, and a general progress report at the end of the child's time at the nursery is forwarded on to your selected school.

Nurseries in Wimbledon, Chiswick & Kensington

We have nurseries in 5 different locations around London. Two nurseries in Wimbledon, one nursery in Chiswick and two nurseries in Kensington. See which best suits your needs.